I have read and seen so much on the topic of bullying and I have begun to wonder, WHY? I’m not that old LOL but when I was in school we had a bully or two but we didn’t have a bully or two in every class. So WHY? Why is there such an increase in bullying.

Could this possibly have to do with the loss of morals in our country? Parents, many single parents all have to work to make ends meet. Children therefore are not necessarily taught the manners and/or respect for others that we were when I was a child.

It didn’t matter what time of the day I came home, Mom was always in the kitchen with her apron on ready to greet me with a hug and almost always with a nice cold glass of milk and a snack. She knew about my daily activities and helped me with my homework.

When Dad came home from work he was greeted with a hug and a kiss from each one of us kids. Mom would get her hug as she was finishing up the dinner preparation. Dad would then sit in his recliner and read the newspaper.

When it was finally time for dinner we all sat together and shared the events of the day. The family unit no longer exists, just as brothers and sisters have turned into siblings, the world has turned upside down.

At school each morning, we said the pledge and followed it with a very short reading from the Bible. No one brought guns to school? That was unheard of. There was respect. Respect for our teachers and law enforcement.

We played outside our homes until the street lights went on. Our parents didn’t have to worry about a drive by or someone kidnapping us.

The world has become an unsafe place, bullies have taken over our schools and our streets. And we, have let it happen.

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