The Addict

Free to drug addicts

Oh my Oh my…..The drug epidemic is running rapid through our streets. Now it appears that we as a society are to blame (as per usual). First let me say that in NYS (dont know about other states) an addict can go to the Dept of Health and is issued a card that gives the addict permission to carry needles!

The purpose of this is so the addict does not contract AIDS. After all we wouldnt want them to die of this dreaded disease, so as taxpayers we pay for the “needle program”.

Now drug addiction is considered a disease, however it is a disease that has a cure! It is a chosen disease that as the general public we are urged by the government to understand and to have empathy for the addict.

Now we have Narc an injection that is used when an addict overdoses. We have had addicts in our community that have been revived by this miraculous injection 2 / 3 / and 4 times. It is obvious that this is relied upon by the addict.

I guess our scientist felt it more necessary to revive an over dose than to devote the knowledge to a cure for cancer!

The addict goes on by saying that we have to understand their addiction and how difficult it is and how much they want help! Help! Help is available if they choose to use it. We should coddle the addict and feel for their addiction.

Tough love has gone out the window, instead lets forget the emotional trauma that is put on the loved ones of the addict. The fear of that dreaded phone call that they have succumbed to their addiction.

Families are torn apart by the addict. The embarrassment, the heart ache and the finances that are spent. Jails are filled with addicts that have been arrested for theft. Hospitals see addicts on a daily basis.

Our tax dollars go in so many directions. Very few addicts work, so they are on disability and never worked a day in their lives, so maybe it is Social Services that assist them with their financial needs.

Children live with addicted parent(s)that provide little if any care. Schools have the “back pack program” a program that provides children with a back pack filled with food to sustain them for the weekend. Toys for tots provides them with their Christmas presents, food pantries with their food and Social Services with a place to live.

And we pay and we pray. We pray for the addict and his/her family. We blame doctors for issuing too many pain meds! Everyone is blamed except for the addict because he/she needs us to understand that it is a disease and they need help.

I hear this over and over again and truthfully it makes me so very angry. I had a brother that was an addict, he made my mother cry, he made my father cry. He would be in and out of jail. He tore the hearts out of us as a family. When he died, I remembered the wonderful brother I had and the monster he turned into. I loved him dearly and still do.

He chose his life, he had help available and chose to continue to use. Is this societies fault? Help, they keep saying they need help. Help is there for them yet they chose instead to continue using and blaming us for not understanding.

Tough love where did it go?