Stolen chapter 4

Twenty-five minutes later and I’m back at my house. No one came in while I was gone and I talked to Ashley and she agreed to keep it all a secret. I explained that she didn’t mean to take it she kind of, just did. Ashley understood that Caroline is innocent. She apologized and so did I.

After a while of thinking I decided to ask more about Caroline. Where she went to school, where she lives, who she actually is. When I asked her she said, “I went to school at Ohio State, I live 3 blocks down on Oak St. and I am Caroline Jennifer Botts, I grew up in Ohio but moved here, to Pittsburg. I have a strong passion for dancing but I like acting too, just not in front of people.” I stopped and thought for a minute and finally said quietly, “Thanks for sharing.” I went back to my room and as I was walking back I knew she wasn’t who I thought she was.

She is the Caroline Botts, I didn’t know and she doesn’t know that I know who she is. She is very popular in my family, because her parents are dead. I know all about how they died and why MY parents killed them. The Botts family is known for their crimes.

My mom and dad were undercover cops. Mrs. and Mr. Botts had just left the theatre with a slight grin on their face and my mom and dad who had been on there case for a while approached them. They knew something was wrong so they pulled them aside and they pulled out a gun but my parents beat them to it. My dad shot. It was hard for him to do because he usually goes out of his way not to kill.

Caroline at the time was left behind at the theatre so she wandered not knowing that her parents were shot, or even that they were criminals. Caroline was on her own. She didn’t know how to get to her house so she kept walking until someone took her in. That person paid for her college when she was old enough and was home schooled before that. Her parents didn’t sign her up for any competion. She wasn’t even entered in that acting competion. She was just after that gold trophy. She’s been lying the entire time.