7th June The last day of the campaign

No doubt many will be pleased that this peculiar enterprise is over but that only means one thing: we are about to seal our fate for another four or five years (T.May has promised to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act so it’s hard to say).

Jeremy Corbyn has been speaking to increasingly large crowds up and down the country; Theresa May is still talking next to her battle bus and refusing to be interviewed by most people with a press pass. In the aftermath of the attacks on London the debate has turned to security and policing. Corbyn has attacked cuts to armed officers on the street; May has promised that any human rights legislation that gets in the way of a tougher approach to extremism will be sidelined. The Lib Dems have looked increasingly weedy while UKIP have been talking about internment. What’s been most noticeable is that hardly anyone is really talking about the giant Brexit cliff we’re about to jump from.

So off we go to the polls tomorrow and we’ll see where we’ve arrived on Friday.

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