New in Letz: Organize your tasks in the NEW — cleanly designed task list!

Everyone has things to do, and we all seem to need help getting things done. You will meet to-do lists everywhere! But it is all about how that to-do list works in order to adapt to your needs and how it helps you complete all tasks that appear on your list.

Letz introduces the NEW, specially designed task list that is created to help you stay on top of your agenda and with only one quick look, you will know what is up next.

The tasks list has a clean design where all your tasks are organized. Organizing your tasks this way will help you stay on top of your agenda and on the other hand, your Letz assistant Lucy, promptly reminds you of every single task, errand or meeting that you have scheduled. Of course, all this will happen in the right place, at the right time!

In the TODAY section, you will be able to see or import all your pending tasks for that day.

In the TOMORROW section, you will see or import all those tasks, errands or meetings that are scheduled for the next day. This is very handy and provides you an easy access to the tomorrow’s — agenda so you can plan the arrangements on time and see what follows.

There is also a LATER section, where you can see all those tasks that are scheduled for the day after tomorrow, onward. By using the filters provided by the Letz task list, you can easily choose the tasks you would like to see at the certain moment. For example, you can see only Facebook events, Calendar tasks, completed tasks or see them all in one list. 
 Meanwhile, in the PAST SECTION, you can always find your completed tasks in the past period of time. In case you fancy finding a task fast, you can always do that by entering the task in the search field and see it immediately.

Last but not least, there is also a NOTES section where you can describe all those hard things to remember. Detailed tasks or the tasks with more subtasks would be listed in this section as well.

Letz provides you with all the necessary data you need during the busy hours. There is no need for the confusing and long to-do lists! Also, you can finally get rid of the pen and paper and ENJOY PRODUCTIVITY with LETZ!

For those of you who haven’t downloaded Letz yet, you can do that for FREE on the following link:

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