Unplug to Reconnect — Episode 2 “THE FLOAT TANK”

“Warren Buffett is the second richest man in the world. He goes to the office from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. He doesn’t answer email. In fact, you can’t claim to be free if you are accessible 24/7. The more plugged in you are, the less important you are. Being plugged in and connected does not signal importance. It shows that you are unimportant and a slave to others. Take charge. Disconnect. Focus.”
“Gorilla Mindset” by Mike Cernovich

Yet another unplugged day; I have to admit, we freaking LOVE unplugging. Episode 2 was a float session at Kodawari Yoga in Tampa, Cancun Grill, a tattoo parlor, and a walk at Alderman’s Ford Reserve.

The float tank stole the day.

So, what is a float tank? It’s a sensory deprivation pod filled with water so rich in epsom salt that you effortlessly float. Kodawari Yoga’s tank resembles what I imagine a futuristic time-traveling spaceship might look like. Suit up bitches, we’re charting deep into inner-space.


  • Kodawari has one tank on-site and an indoor cafe serving Bulletproof coffee, blended juices, and more. Perfect for chilling out after a session, reading “Gorilla Mindset” and chatting it up with the many people buzzing around, as I did.
  • You shower before & after to wash away the oils and products, and there’s a massive filtration system quietly keeping the water crystal clean.
  • The water temperature is set to the average body temperature of 98.6 degrees, making it very comfortable.
  • It’s super quiet, not only are you in an isolated room, inside a sealed pod, but you wear earplugs, and your ears are submerged. The first time I shut the lid, I freaked out momentarily, and re-opened it. I laughed at myself, I was fine, so I closed the lid and relaxed into the motionless water.
  • Did I say the water is motionless? It’s incredibly motionless, the stillest lake in the most remote forest doesn’t come close in comparison. This adds to the sensation of floating, because it’s not just like you’re floating on water, it can feel like you’re floating in space. Ooo trippy.
  • For the first, what it seemed like, 5 minutes I felt a pain tensing in my neck muscles. There I was floating while thinking to myself “Great, my first float is ruined by neck pain!” but it completely dissipated on it’s own… All that was needed was for me let go.
  • You will be distracted. It’s a new experience, the water makes your skin feel slimy, you’re isolated with your thoughts, you will play with the water, bob yourself about, and stretch, and stretch, and stretch. Like I did, you might go into this imagining a deep meditation on the breath, and realize 30 minutes in that you haven’t focused on a single breath. I felt guilty at first, because I wanted this experience to be perfect. Remind yourself to chill out, let go, this is your first ride in an inner spaceship, it’s unfamiliar.
  • At some point I became anxious to get out and move my body. One hour seems like a long time to be floating around in one position. You might want to stretch, move, and that’s ok. I would elongate my body and stretch my feet. It seemed to help.
  • You can experience moments where it feels like there is no gravity, but you lift your arm, and notice it feels heavier than normal. Like it was supposed to weight nothing? Idk, it’s hard to explain, and yeah sometimes it’s weird & cool like that.
  • I came out super energized, buzzing with energy, and jumped into conversation with people at the studio. It felt like all my morning anxieties & introversions were left in the float tank… It felt good! I was surprised with this boost in energy, I was buzzing in the moment. Simply by floating in a sensory deprivation tank? Whoa, I didn’t anticipate the pronounced effect that it had on me.

Overall, I loved the whole experience. I will definitely do it again… and I seriously want one of these in my house!

Kodawari Cafe

And if you are interested in floating yourself, contact them directly: 
3965 S Henderson Blvd, Suite C, Tampa, Florida 33629
 813–773–4017 or email lori@kodawariyoga.com

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