If you find yourself arguing about whether your dad was involved in the JFK assassination, you’ve already lost


I heard this phrase a few months back and at the time I thought it was very funny. But I’ve come to realize that quite frequently I find (actually, put) myself in the same metaphorical position. And you know what? When in that position, I have already lost.

What I’ve lost is wasted time, energy and passion in arguing against a conspiracy theory. What I’ve lost is losing control of my compulsion to always “set the record straight”. What I’ve lost is focus on the things that really matter.

So to the next person that let’s me know that the Rothchilds control the planets money supply or that vaccines cause Autism or that President Obama was really born in Kenya: “Why don’t you really go dig into investigating that some more (say for a couple of years or more) and get back to me with what you found it. I’ll just go about my business until you back.”

Update: While I successfully “moved on” from the next few people try to sell me “Gold as a hedge against the New World Order”. This week I feel into the trap again.

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