Trump doesn’t really want to be POTUS

I am so sick of seeing articles about Donald Trump. Yet at the same time, I can’t stop watching the slow train wreck happen right before my eyes. There is so much opinion about Donald Trump especially. So what am I to do? I might as well throw my opinion out there too.

Here is what I have been able to conclude about him for the most important reason to write: so I can keep my sanity.
I don’t know about others, but what I really cherish are SANITY, REASON, and RATIONALITY. People seem to project onto others what they really want in this world. When they don’t get it they get annoyed, or upset. So through a few of the bad articles and through some articles with really good analysis, here is how I have concluded based on what I desire in human behavior: Trump doesn’t really want to be president.

Attention of all sorts is what he wants and craves. He used to be a business man. He is now an entertainer. And he’s taken to politics as his latest platform to entertain… HIMSELF!

I don’t think he’s a dumb guy. It’s really hard to be a stupid person to get to where he’s gotten in life. He might not be a
scholar, but he’s smart enough. And more importantly, through tantrums, name calling, and sheer force of will, he gets what he wants. I can half-heartedly respect that kind of goal-oriented behavior. As an entertainer, he started to criticize Obama a few years ago and he was mightily entertaining. That silliness about the birth certificate was very fun to watch. And it made for good TV ratings.

His incentive was to further entertain himself by running for the nomination and he captured the hearts and minds of people who agreed with him, but first and foremost they were very entertained. Through the many long debates and arguments with the other Republicans, he secured the nomination for President with the Republican party. I truly believe the idea of running for POTUS started out a a joke. It was a flippant little joke that caught him by surprise when it became reality. He was so much fun to watch in the Republican debates, he beat out every other candidate and much to his surprise, he got the nomination.

Maybe he doesn’t know what the definition of sarcasm is, or maybe he earnestly believes he’s telling the truth sometimes, but the only fact that I can conclude is that he is lying when he says he wants to be President. No action, or words from his mouth indicates to be that he truly wants to be president. He’s fully and consciously lying about it. Everything else out of his mouth is up for debate, but he’s definitely lying about wanting the job.

He’s probably thinking, “I got away with saying whatever the fuck I wanted and I managed to get nominated by a major political party to be President. This is amazing. I love America! I love what I’m doing. I need to do more!”

And now here we are. We’re less than three months away and he’s been on a steady diet of insults and rhetoric that is baffling to say the least. No one can seem to get control of him. His advisors are completely ineffectual. His family is dumbfounded. And his poll numbers are slowly sinking.

It’s because he’s already figured out that he doesn’t really want to be President. He understands that he needs to be knowledgable, wise, and decisive. Telling a crowd of people he loves babies, then saying let the baby cry — it’a okay, then saying to get the baby out, then saying he was kidding earlier about keeping the crying baby there while he talked, then later on explaining to the press that he was joking and being sarcastic. THAT KIND OF TALKING IS NOT DECISIVE. BUT IT IS EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING.

He knows that it’s the hardest job in the world. Literally, THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD. He doesn’t want to spend every night reading two hundred pages of security briefs on the latest security risks plaguing hotspots around the world. He doesn’t want to debate economic practices and theories with Ph.D. economists for hours. And that’s after he’s supposed to have read the latest mini-novels of reports of the latest metrics being tracked for our mega-complex deca-trillion dollar economy. Immigration is an extremely hot topic, but all he seems to talk about is building a wall, and people love it, so that’s his presidential plan and he keepS saying it and people love it. He knows it ridiculous, but as long as people love it, he might as well keep on saying it. If I could get paid to talk about a Mexican wall all day and get paid millions, then I would have to consider it too.

Being POTUS is a lot of work. He doesn’t want to send people into combat to risk their lives. He doesn’t want to know that men and women will probably die due to his decisions. That’s a lot of stress. That’s more work that any normal person wants to do for a night. Let alone every night for four years straight.

We got to a point after the official Republican nomination where he came to the full realization that he really could have a chance to get the job. And he’s sort of freaking out. He’s thinking “It was just a joke guys. Come on!” So now the action plan is set and he’s thinking “I’m going to have so much fun for the next three months. I am going to say and do whatever the fuck I want EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE. At some point I can make a blanket apology for every insult prior, convey regret when I really don’t care, and people will love me even more! I am going to make TV networks so much money that I’m going to lock up an eight figure reality show contract when all of this political theater is done. I will go down in history as having destroyed the Republican party. If my wife decides to leave me because of all this mess, then I get to marry another lucky woman! Or maybe I might marry a man because that will get me more publicity. Then I’ll divorce again. Then I’ll marry myself like Dennis Rodman did. Ratings, Ratings, Ratings! What’s more important is that I need to be more outrageous, more erratic, more seemingly whacky yet totally confident in my calculatedly “idiotic” statements, to make sure I lose. Most absolutely important is that I DO NOT WIN THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It’s a terrible job. Terrible. So much work. So much terrible stress. Just terrible. I love entertaining myself though. I’m awesome. I have so much fun! People love me!”

As originally posted: Aug 20, 2016