My Top 5 Business Related Podcasts

Currently, I’ve been commuting a lot by car and as so I decided to make this commuting time as productive as possible by keeping up to date with my podcast feed.

Here are some of my favorite business-related podcasts:

Behind The Numbers by eMarketer

If you are interested in Digital Advertising and Digital Economy related topics, Behind The Numbers by eMarketer is a must follow podcast.

The Big Story by AdExchanger

This might be too Adtech industry related, but if you are into that, I must advise you to subscribe to The Big Story podcast, even though it is still pretty recent it has already two amazing episodes that you should listen to.

Above Avalon

Above Avalon only covers Apple related topics from a business perspective and I find it to be pretty useful to think about business strategy topics in a different way.

The Indicator by NPR

Usually, if it is NPR, it is great, and The Indicator is another great podcast that I follow from them. Make sure to also listen to Planet Money.

Business Wars by Wondery

This is a pretty recent addition to my podcast subscription but I am loving to hear about some business-related wars between companies and brands.