My Top 5 iOS Apps

Apps are becoming an increasing part of our lives and as so I decided to share with the world my Top 5 go to apps.

I tried to avoid the most common ones like Instagram and focus more on the ones that help me to become more productive.

Here you have it:

Notability for iPad Pro

After some months using GoodNotes I fell in love with the new version of notability, it’s ease of use and marvelous integration with MacOs makes it a must-have for any iPad pro user.


Todoist is a simple to use to-do app that will help you manage your day and assign levels of priority and urgency to your daily tasks.

LinkedIn Learning

With the purchase of LinkedIn gave it’s users another good reason to become a premium subscriber of its platform. LinkedIn Learning app will help you improve your skills at home or on the go and for me, it is an amazing way to learn about new topics.


I try to stay up-to-date in what it comes to news and industry related topics and Feedly is still the best RSS feed reader platform in my opinion.


Slack is eating up the professional messenger space by making it easy for teams to communicate and share files.

Its API integration possibilities are second to none and for me, it is a must-have on what it comes to corporate communication.