Luis Frade
Aug 10, 2018 · 2 min read

My Top 5 Tips on How to Read More Books During 2018

1. Don’t read, listen;

Stopping all you’re doing to read a book is, in my opinion, a luxury that many of us do not have. Multitasking while reading is impossible if you are actually reading a book but it is possible if you are listening to it and that is why I would suggest you to use apps such as audible or hibooks to get your audiobooks.

If the book you want to read isn’t available in an audio format I suggest you get the app Voice Dream which will enable you to listen to any .pdf .epub .mobi document you want to get read to you.

To get your book in a digital format I would suggest you search for it on Library Genesis (coff coff).

2. Before committing to a book, get an abstract;

Many books don’t justify a full read and that is why I many times use apps such as Instaread, Blinkist or Getabstract to understand if the book I am interested in justifies a full read or if I can get all the juice in a faster way. I also use this app to understand what book I should commit to and read next when I am in doubt about the priority to give to each book on my to-read list.

3. Use Goodreads; is the best way to keep track of your books and to-read wishlist. You can also follow friends or influencers to find interesting books you eventually would like to read.

4. Workout more;

Finding time to read is hard, but since you can listen to them, you can use the time spent at the gym to listen to your books while you workout, that way you will work your body and your smarts at the same time.

5. Get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones.

To benefit from all of the above I highly recommend you to get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones. BeatsX is my favorite and is a must-have if you use an iPhone.

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