from seven to ten

You woke up at seven, but got up at eight

How was that hour spent?

Sometimes I wake up at seven but don’t get up until ten

And I fight for a little more sleep I am never granted

And I toss as my heart races,

A useless dance

There’s already too many things to worry about

And when I finally get up at ten

I see my face in the mirror

And I know I’ve had a long day

And there’s a red line in my head that lets me know

It will be even longer

Have you ever had a long day before ever getting up?

Is this hour used to prepare yourself to be a person for eight hours at a time?

Sometimes longer

Sometimes even past the limit of how long someone should have to be a person for

A person who answers e-mails

And takes out the trash for trash day

And sets an alarm for much earlier than anyone should need to set an alarm for

The red line in my heads tells me I shouldn’t be a person today

Is that what you think about between seven and eight?

Sometimes my seven to ten leaves me never wanting to do the things that make a person

Sometimes I wish I was a pile on the floor

Leaving the trash in the driveway

Deleting every e-mail I’ve ever received

And setting an alarm for next year

Sometimes I wish I was even less

A cloud of static

Completely devoid of people qualities

Because a cloud of static has probably never had a red line in their head

And will probably never have a seven to eight

Or a seven to ten