The PowerPoint Professor

It has been happening in a lot of my classes lately. The professor arrives, open a powerpoint or a PDF file and read every each point of it. Literally. As if he was reading a book. When asked questions, he doesn’t know how to answer them so he goes back and forward in history to make the student get confuse and feel blamed not to understand a speech that, in reality, doesn’t make sense.

I’m a 21 years old student of journalism in a Brazilian well known private institution. Education in my country doesn’t seem to be something people really care about as they should.

Professors, as the one I’ve described, is just an evidence of it. In my institution, we pay U$900 a month to study, which is a lot since the minimum wage in Brazil is U$280.

“But your colleagues need to read the basic bibliography to understand what I’m talking about in class”, the professor would tell me and other three students who were receiving his feedback on our assignment that would count as the first semester’s test.

The Powepoint professor didn’t even went trough our work before. He decided correcting it in front of us in five minutes, showing how he didn’t give any value to something we took two days to complete.

Now, instead of being punished for such a bad “conduta”, Mr. Power Point got promoted. We are being taught three classes by him.

Does the professor’s “excuses” make any sense? I don’t think so. Reading the bibliography is, of course, essential for us to understand the contents given in class. But books and PDF’s won’t make the work by itself.

I’m thankful I have the opportunity to study in a country where poverty reach high levels. It is hard to have a good learning environment, however, if we you start having a lot of Power Point teachers like the one I’ve described.

Differently from other places in the world, in Brazil, we don’t get to choose our classes or professors. We have a strict plan to accomplish if we want to get our major.

But everyday I get up to go to school, I wish I could go to place that challenges me. Professors who would plan their classes with the desire to make me grow as a person and as a professional.