I decided to improve my English with my friends.

As I see that some of my friends need more practice for English, included my Wife and my brother in law, I asked them If they want to have a call every week to improve our English.

The plan is that each one share a little history about anything. They can choose any topic that they want, make a script to follow and talk on the call. If they don’t know a word or how to say something, the can switch to our natal language(on this case is Spanish) to ask for help and anyone can give the support about what is needed to share. Something called Spanglish hehe.

The reason that we choose this practice is that when I started with my current job, my English was pretty poor. Im not saying that right now I am an expert, but my technical conversation in IT is better. This show me(and maybe is something that you know) that be involve in an environment when everyone is speaking in a different language you will improve your listening skills. I still have a lot to learn, and this is the opportunity to keep learning.

I have a lot of people on my job that helps me when IAM in trouble speaking English, and that is something that I want to pass on my friends. English opens doors and I want se them achieve their goals.

Also, I will take a summary of the meeting to improve my writing. The plan is to share here what we share on the calls and have a blog too. Having a blog is something that I have always wanted to have it, I want to share something from my life and some histories that born in my mind.

Suggestions are welcome, and told me if you do the same with your friends.

On an future post I will share what I commented on a post from Anisa Yulandara(https://medium.com/@anisayulandara/how-do-i-improve-my-english-73fe31318f7f).

So, wish me luck. Thanks for read.



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