Remember our about page have a Team Section?

For this we have the a Rendering that uses our Team.cshtml view which looks like this:

In this part we are going to continue changing our views to use Models from glass mapper we still have pending our rendering views such as DefaultBoxContent, Carousel, Team, and the Header.

So far we have only used string properties because we have only mapped Single-Line and Multi-Line texts fields but now will see how we can map more complex field types such as images and collections.

Lets start with the DefaultBoxContent Model but first I’m going to create another Base Model called BaseTitleModel

In this part, we are going to start addressing a number of bad practices that we have in our code base.

Lets begin by fixing the magic string we have in our Razor Views starting with _layout.cshtml we are going to move the header and footer rendering Ids to constants in a .cs file that we are going to Name SitecoreConstants and put it inside a Utils folder

Now we need to focus our attention on the about page lets take a look at the about page

We can use the same layout we have and just create a new BoxContent for the About Bussines Casual content. But what about the “Our Team” content? Well… lets first create our new About page

Now it’s time to move towards our goal and implement what we want to download this free bootstrap template here

Let's move some of those files from the template into our source code. Copy css, img, fonts and js directories to your source code

Click “show all files” on Visual Studio select all the directories, right click and select “Include in project”

I’m very new to Sitecore development and I have been struggling with learning Sitecore, one thing that was a good starting point was the free Sitecore Developer Foundations eLearning but that leave me with a lot questions and I wasn’t sure where to go next to continue learning(for free) I know I’m going to be working a lot with Sitecore sites built using Habitat which is great but the thing is that if you are a new to Sitecore development it can be really overwhelming to try to learn habitat without a strong foundation on Sitecore so this is what…

So I’ve been doing a lot of Green field development on ASP. Net core on the past year and I was on charge of two projects involving many developers working together with high posibilites of losing a developer to another project and having to welcome a new developer into the project(don’t ask me why). …

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