As it would usually be in Brazil, a boy grows up, sees his parents cheering, picks up the ball and kicks.

He shouts the name of soccer stars, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and parades with his club shirts from here and from other countries, there are no more borders for the dream.

Life follows its flow, with my globalized thinking in sports cultures, the tour of the world of the leagues makes me distract, in the innocence of eyes and minds in formation.

The child grows, sometimes by him, friends, or by parents wishes, but the passion arises, she, the desire to follow in practice remains and in the long afternoons of amenities, always the duty of study, then play and play.
Preferred golf, which I try not to see barriers, of an adult who worries about the infrastructure of practice in his country, yields to continue on the premise of a boy.

The world is shaped, rules are discussed and written, associations are formed; And years after years their climb to reach the maximum, breaking barriers.

Balls will be released, carrying boy dreams. Master the Mega of Golf, the largest of the major
They were children, boys running through the fields.

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