What is NakamotoX?
Sasha Kolupaev

I'm now alpha testing Nakamotox and I was realy excited about that. My homeland is Czech republic, head of Nakamotox is from Czech republic so I thought “Hey, that could be breakthrough!”.

For the first time I opened Nakamotox, full of excitement and joy, I really was lost. Blank black page. After a couple of minutes it comes to me that I have to drag and drop one of three possible view blocks (graph, order book and trade history). I have only 13" monitor and I don't even see graph at all.

Big plus for Nakamotox is that it is different, a lot bigger minus is that it isn't working properly. I have made 5 videos and many screenshots of bugs only by normal setting my custom blocks. There isn't working even a order book. I see only “NaN. NaN. NaN NaN:NaN:NaN 0.0000 0” at any order made. After 1–2minutes of open panel, my Mac starts to blow my colleague out.

I hope that Nakamotox team will have a big re-work on their platform and it really will by worth of it.