Nike set off a firestorm in the press last week for featuring Colin Kaepernick’s face in their new ad campaign and the statement, “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” You might see Nike’s recent move as a stunt to gain more press, you also might see it as a stunt to remain relevant by leveraging these politically charged times.

What I see, what more than half of America sees and what the rest of the world sees is Nike doing the right thing.

Nike took a stand, planted a flag and used their platform to do something good in this world. Nike used their voice to amplify other people that did not have a voice or platform to be heard. Nike…

I get this question a lot and it’s so funny how the term entrepreneur is the new sexy to some people. It’s just not sexy FYI. Only the general population think it’s glamorous, sexy, cool. It’s like being a rock star or a celebrity but guess what, it’s not.

The 1% who actually live, eat, breathe dotcom and startup businesses, the real players, know this already. Only amateur hour people think it’s cool.

Let me just say, It’s not glamorous, you won’t be a tech rockstar, you won’t be the next Zuckerberg, you won’t be famous if that’s what you’re…

The above video is where every inspirational sales copy cat movie got it’s inspiration. It’s quoted by REAL sales people because they do whatever it takes to close a deal.
work harder:
1. Do more research
2. Educate themselves in school
3. Educate themselves on the job
4. Get smarter by reading
5. Most importantly listening
All of this in order to sell more things. It’s not abusive, it’s extreme, it’s satirical and it’s a dose of reality.

Satirical because no sales manager will speak this way but the reality is every sales manager wants their people willing to…

I’m a big time Stats guy and those of you who know me know that numbers are everything to me but in this case never let stats like the ones above hold you back from your dreams or goals.

There is no “sweet spot” age to start chasing your dreams except for RIGHT NOW!

Doesn’t matter if your 60 or 16, execute on your passion. The answer is always right now. Even if its a side job (side hustle) you work on for 2–4 hours a day to begin with, start now.

Some of the most successful people in the world had very late starts and some had very early starts.

It’s never to early to start and always to early to quit.

I’ve been asked this question by a lot of small business owners recently.

Your homepage is your universal marketing page. It gives a user too many options to make a wrong decision (too much noise) which makes 98% of them want to leave rather then make a decision, choice paralysis is a real thing.

An ad should drive to a very tailored landing experience (landing page) so that a user (the consumer) doesn’t have any questions, decisions to make or other options to escape from what you want them to do (which is usually buy a product or service).


Lucas Bean

Founder, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Marketing & Startup Expert, Professor, Executive @ 4 separate companies all acquired for over $400 mil each. ex Atari + Sony.

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