A Transgirl Speaks About Foreskin
Virginia Hall

It’s unfortunately that we body shame males for having normal genitals. This undoubtedly causes body dismorphia in some.

Before a person can be legally circumcised in the US, they must first be assigned a sex. If they are assigned female, circumcision is recognized as a criminal act of genital mutilation. If they are not female enough or male, then they have no legal protection. This is a case where women have more rights than men, which, in my opinion, fatally undermines the feminist narrative of male privilege and patriarchy.

The person who has the authority and power to assign sex determines who shall be respected as a human being and who shall be surgically raped and sexually tortured. Rape culture begins with circumcision. What does forced genital mutilation teach males about sexual consent? To say men cause rape culture is victim blaming.

Often we conceive of this issue as a “parent’s choice” vs “male’s choice” but that really isn’t true in reality. We are culturally programmed to trust doctors and most parents simply defer the “experts.” At the end of the day, it is usually the physician who decides whether a child is kept whole and intact or mutilated.

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