Level 1 Lighting and Art Pass

The biggest part I played at the end of the project was building the lighting and doing the art pass on level 1 of the game, this was to be our showcase of art and mechanics and level 2 still had been finished by the designers yet.

For this level I took the blockout made by the designers and created the lighting, clutter passes, implemented the assets from the other artsists and generally cleaned the level up a lot.

Here you can see my candles, stairs, Talisman walls along side Lauren’s Character’s and Trees, Chris;s Bookcases and Matthes, Rafters, Rugs and Banners.

I also did the post processes. for all of the camera’s. Strong Screen Space Ambient Obscurance, Deferred Lighting and realtime shadows, Bloom, vignettes and Depth of Field.

I used overhead shots of the level to plan out my lighting and made sure that the general feel of the level changed as you played through it.

Working closely with Eirik the designer we planed out lighting and any special requirements they had, certain areas may have looked better with a certain lighting condition but prehaps it obscurred the function of the level, or happened to be distracting to the player. There was much itteration between us and discussions over every level.

Here we kept the upper level very bare, so that the shapes of the tables where apperent. This is the first time the player encounters an enemy so we wanted it to be obvious where the tables where/maintain the tables siloutte.

I used the windows beside the player and the windows at the ‘goal’ to tie the areas togther. Start at windows and end at windows. Thought the level I used this motif and highlighted the level/room exits with a colder/bluer light to make it easier for the player to navigate.

Here you can see the cooler coloured lighting being used to pick out the stronger verticle elements of the scene.

I built this stairs section to get some geometry passing between the player and the camera, this happens about halfway through the level. As much as I liked our camera, it could becuase ‘formulatic’ I guess with everything at 90 degree angles. I tried to have something pass beneath the camera every few rooms just to break it up a bit.

Here I do it again using Matthes Rafter Mesh, this also frames the levels final objective. With that and the colder colours as oppsed to the warmer hues that surront it pick it out as an important part of the level.

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