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The Next Great Social Network Will Not Put Relationships First

Why It Will Be More Like Reddit

Seconds after my laptop screen comes to life, I am…

Reddit is Quietly Building a Publishing Empire, and Everyone Should Be Afraid

by Luke Kingma

Since its launch in 2005, Reddit has managed to build a community of…

‘Disposable’ Income: Why Snapcash is an Uphill Battle for Snapchat

‘Disposable’ Income: Why Snapcash is an Uphill Battle for Snapchat

Until We Eat Again

A Foodie’s Final Bites of the Big Apple

It is no simple task to summarize 3.5 years spent in a city that has at once asked so much of me and given…

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A place to dump (and validate) your brainchildren.

A collection of travelers and their stories.

26 Historic Letters That Every Writer Should See

If you’re serious about words, get serious about these.

Long Term Parking

Revisiting The Domains That Might Have Been

Ideas come to our world in many forms. The most promising are traded in conversation like currency…

Surviving the Srirachalypse

What You Need To Know

If you’re reading this, it may already be too late. When news broke that California’s Department of Public Health had…

Why So [Serious]?

How Reddit is winning the war on comments.

There are very few sites, Reddit often included, that don’t have a major ‘comments’ problem. Even giants…

We have a landing page!

Part 1 of unknown.

Like many, my mind has historically been the birthplace of countless ideas. Some were embarrassing; most were okay …

Let me just try Cookie Clicker for five minutes…

Andddd I’m opening portals to the cookieverse three hours later.

“How Will We Reach These Kids?!”

Courting The Generation That Rejects Facebook

For the past 24 hours, my little corner of the social web has been salivating over…