War Conflict Comes To iOS & Android

Indie Developer Gaijin Entertainment has released their strategy game War Conflict on iOS and Android.

Strategy Game War Conflict has landed on iOS and Android for Mobile.

War Conflict, a real time strategy game set within World War 2 where the battle for resources will test even the most experienced tactician, has landed on iOS and Android. The game merges the popular World War 2 theme with the tactical complexity of Gaijin Entertainment’s other homegrown real time strategy, Modern Conflict 2 which, despite its 2012 release is currently one of the top grossing strategy games in the Russian Appstore with over 5.5 Million downloads worldwide.

The game allows players to create a main base of operations and further develop their arsenal of available firepower from a selection of vehicles of the four warring nations — USA, USSR, Germany and Japan — including well-known war machines like the American Sherman tank, the famed Russian IL-2 aircraft, anti-aircraft guns and even ballistic missiles like the dreaded German V-2 rocket.

War Conflict Screenshot on iOS and Android

The game is focused on taking enemy fortified territory and managing resources to build and upgrade a players available military assets. Armored vehicles such as tanks can be used to attack and capture enemy bases and can destroy enemy fortifications.

Longer range assets like rockets can be used to degrade turret and machine gun tower defenses to help improve the chances of success. Players will also need to fortify their own base from impending counter attack and carefully plot layout and tactical advancing moves to gain the upper hand on the opposing force.

Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, spoke about the strategy games iOS and Android release, saying:

War Conflict’s compelling gameplay and strong attention to detail provide an engrossing and strategic game that fans of the genre are sure to embrace. Through the weekly Special Operations game mode, players will be able to take part in battles dedicated to real World War II events, making War Conflict a highly engaging title for war history fans.”

You can find the game on iOS here and Android here.

War Conflict Trailer For iOS & Android

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