Airbnb. uBer. Chipotle.

These are my ABC’s and during my Praxis apprenticeship, I took a minimalist approach to living. Only having a backpack, suitcase, and a golf bag made it easier.

Before I started I had it all planned out: I would arrive home to my nicely furnished apartment, hang my car keys on the hook, and have a home-cooked meal…

Enter San Francisco: Home to the highest rent payments outside of Manhattan, that is if you can find a place to rent. Not wanting to sign a six-month lease, I hacked my way to find a place to lay my head at night.

A two-and-a-half month stay in an Airbnb checked all the boxes I needed it to. A fully furnished house with a washer and dryer, kitchen and entertainment center, in the only nice neighborhood I’d seen, made shelling out an extra $400 a month a no-brainer.

Cue uBer: I don’t have a car here in Florida and it turns out I don’t need one. I pay $7 each way for door-to-door service, decidedly less than having to park in a garage for the day, and if one of my coworkers is heading the same way…

Ubering to the office

Calling on Chipotle: Well, maybe not chipotle itself. I’ve found cheaper and better Mexican food here. Is this sustainable? We’ll see. When you are able to budget for every expense, and spend less than you make, a lot of doors open.

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