Miracles in Mexico (2017)

In March 2017 we had the privilege of expanding our ministry territory into the mountains of Tuzla Mexico. We held our first evening Gospel crusades, on the very platform where just 7 years ago a group of men imprisoned and murdered the majority of the Native Mexican people as they gathered to pray.

We were preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ when suddenly these men arrived. They listened intently to the message and they responded for salvation.

Then a paralyzed young girl was carried out for prayer, she was instantly healed. Every man & women, including the men that came to stop us, fell to there knees weeping & praising Jesus. The little girl began to dance with us on her working legs for the first time ever & her family were smiling, crying & jumping for joy at what God had done.

Miracles continued through out the mission & hundreds of people gave there lives to Jesus. We praise God for everything He did through the whole team!

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