The Dream Commute

In Luketopia my daily commute is easy and always on time. In the morning I have a drone scheduled to pick me up at 8:30. It lands in front of my door and flies me directly to the high speed tube terminal in 3 minutes. After the drone drops me off in the drone landing area, it flies back to terminals drone recharging tower to power up for the next flight.

At the terminal, I board one of the pods going directly to my station in section 37-c. At 300 mph with no stops it takes me 10 minutes in the pod to travel 50 miles to the station. When I disembark I get in one of the waiting drones and it flies me directly to the 67th floor drone platform in my 100 story office building.

There is no traffic and no waiting for transfers. The pods and drones are all electric and powered by clean, renewable energy. Welcome to Luketopia.