The winner of the 2016 presidential election is No One

In 2016, the winner of the United States presidential election was No One. No One received the overwhelming majority of the popular vote with 97,573,022 votes, or 42.1% of the eligible voting population. Hillary Clinton came in a distant second at 61,324,576 (26.4%) with Donald Trump following close with 60,526,852 (26.1%). Unfortunately, No One has not yet stepped forward to claim the presidency, so we’ll be stuck with the third place candidate due to arcane election rules.

Oh, and how did third party candidates do? Who knows, the media didn’t really report on that at all. If there ever was a time for a third party candidate it would be now, but the way the media covers elections enforces the idea that we are making a choice between only two parties. If you look at the election results on any major news website, you will see a red bar and blue bar and no bars or results for third parties (See example from CNN below).

That means somewhere around 6% of the vote and the majority that did not vote is being ignored by the media. Are those votes not important enough to get a few pixels of space on a website? And how about a line for all those votes for No One? Proper reporting of the complete picture could change the perception of these results. What if CNN’s election result page looked something like this?

Third party candidates were also excluded from the presidential debate due to their low performance in rigged and unreliable polls (Check out This years one-on-one debates were the most uncomfortable and painful debates I’ve ever seen. A few additional candidates would have made it a lot more interesting and would have introduced important issues that were ignored by Trump and Clinton.

Something has to be done about this system that doesn’t represent or inspire the majority of Americans. Either the two major parties need to fix themselves, or we need to change the stigma that a third party candidate isn’t electable.

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