Independence means: 100% SelfConfidence

How cutting the cord in some many ways can be as difficult as learning japanese.

I moved alone. Ok, that’s great. You have all those feelings related to independence: freedom, creativity, some kind of rebelliousness. Well, let me tell you not everything is for fun. Do not misunderstand me, living alone rocks! but sometimes I wonder if i’m not too young for this life. Am I?

I’m 24 years old and I’ve been living alone for one year now. Not too young, not too old, to many things to live, to many things to stop doing. To many things…

The fact is nobody told me the independence would come with a lot more of responsabilities. I mean, being an adult comes with a lot of boring adult stuff like commitment, decisions, and something called TIME. Yeah, now I have to organize (another boring adult word) my TIME to finish things or start them.

Nobody’s telling you what to do or what not to, it’s just you and your head. This is an important period of life because is when you realize who you really are and who you really want to be, I guess…

I won’t speak about all that stuff that need to be done in a house for example, I rather talk about job or being a proffesional. When you take the independently mode not just as a way of living but also as a way of working. That’s the point I start to freak out.

I’ve been in too many different freelance jobs which demand 100% selfconfidence. I mean, again, nobody will tell you if you’re doing good or bad, or anything. You just have to make it. Most of the time I doubt about my work, I’m kind of insecure person , and that makes me need to be constantly advised. Am I doing it good? Am I being usefull? Do you like what I do/did?

All that questions only tell me one thing: RELAX. There’s just one way of doing things it’s not good, it’s not bad either. It is what it is and that’s all.

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