New Luma Updates:
Bedtime Rules & Additional Security Details

New and improved security & control for your WiFi

We’re pleased to continue to enhance and evolve Luma. Today, we’ve launched two new features for your Lumas, both of which aim to bring modern WiFi, increased security, and control to every device on your network. After all — your rules, your network.

Here are the exciting new features that are now available for your Lumas:

Security Alert Details
The panic of receiving a security alert regarding your home network is real. For many, the next step involves finding out as much information as possible on the alert. The new and improved Luma security alerts equip you with in-depth visibility into alerts by device, enhanced insight and information. As alerts occur, Luma admins will see details, timestamps, alert types and additional relevant data that can help assess network vulnerabilities. Once you’ve reviewed the alert, you will have the option of dismissing it. The control and visibility of your network’s security finally rests in the palm of your hands.

Bedtime Rules
Bedtime is an internet-free zone, but what do you do when your children sneak on the internet when they should be sleeping? The bedtime feature gives Luma admins the ability to set bedtime rules for individuals on your network. You can set a bedtime schedule per user for every day of the week or just certain days. For example, you could set a bedtime of 9pm and an awake time of 8am. During the selected bedtime period, the user will have their internet access paused until they wake up wide-eyed and well-rested. Finally, bedtime means just that.

P.S. If you need assistance with your Luma, our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800–684-LUMA or