The State of Security in the Connected Home

For some, it was an introduction; for others it was a harsh reminder.

October 21, 2016 marked a memorable day in history as an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet took down large portions of the internet with the IoT malware Mirai- disrupting service for millions of people. The scary part for many is that the devices, which carried out the attack, were ultra-common connected devices meant to simplify life.

We analyzed hundreds of thousands of computers and connected devices across tens of thousands of home networks running Luma to gain a view into the state of security in the connected home.

Our analysis shows that 2 out of 3 homes have malware on their home network and 1 out of 6 IoT devices have a security problem.

In networks with security infections, the infections are widespread. Over 66% of homes with a cybersecurity issue, have security issues on 5 or more devices. The top three most common threats on networks and devices come in the form of malware, spyware and phishing.

The most recent Mirai attack compromised over 500,000 devices. According to the author of the malware, at its peak Mirai was able to steal passwords on 500 IoT devices per second during peak infection. The resulting DDoS disrupted some of the largest websites in the world like Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, GitHub, Twitter & more.

There are currently 6.4 billion IoT devices in the United States; there were only 50,000 IoT devices used in the Mirai attack. Simplified, that means that less than 1% of the IoT devices were involved and that The Mirai attack was the tip of the iceberg.

Though Luma’s Surround WiFi System has always focused on the necessity of strong network and IoT security, the most recent attack highlights its necessity even more. In our research and analysis we continue to be aware of how frequently connected homes and their devices are under attack. Luma’s enterprise-level security protects all household devices while working 24/7 to neutralize any threats,like hackers and cyber attacks, so you can think about better things.

So what does this attack mean for the future of IoT?

The spotlight on security is on. While some connected device manufacturers have recalled their products, many others are taking a wait-and-see approach to see if any future attacks may happen. Now, more than ever, taking a proactive approach on your IoT security needs is crucial. If your router, which is the portal that bridges all of your connected devices to the internet, is out-of-date or provides little-to-no security, your first step is to upgrade and update. Curious how Luma Surround WiFi System can help provide your home with continuous protection, speed and coverage? Find out how.

As the number of connected devices grow, so does the risk. Ensuring that you’re aware, educated and protected is the best security for you, your devices and your network.

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Luma is the first WiFi system that surrounds your home with fast and secure internet and is customized to your home. Order your Luma today at getLuma.com.

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