Madison’s Weekly Softwood Lumber Price Graphs: Nov 21, 2016


Kiln Dried Fir Even Keel

• KD fir lumber producers lost ground on a few prices this week, but most discounted volumes moved at the wholesaler- and distributer-levels. Order files varied wildly from sawmill-to-sawmill and product-to-product; some played their cards to allow for immediate shipment of this or that item, while others were booked into early December.

• Some savvy customers were keenly interested in mill inventories as they waited for producers to announce possible curtailments in upcoming weeks. Log availability in the Pacific Northwest was “a challenge” with nothing but rainy weather in that region in recent weeks. Raw Douglas-fir log prices did not help matters, reaching “dizzying” heights of late according to players.

• While the odd dimension KD fir width faltered this week, dry fir studs were “a little better” by comparison.

SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

Oriented Strand Board and Plywood

• Eastern Canadian panel traders were treated to a “phenomenally flat” week. Both OSB and plywood didn’t move price-wise, and were slow to sell too.

• WSPF Oriented Strand Board prices finally caught and ticked up, though secondaries were wary of mill-claims. Plywood remained flat from last week’s numbers.

SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter