Fuck Your “Life Hacks”
trish tatman

Great article. Who says being a bartender or a waitress or a cleaner isn’t being a success. As pointed out, these jobs keep the world ticking over. They also can make a difference to people everyday, a friendly waitress can make your shitty day feel less shitty. A cleaner makes whatever environment they are employed to clean, a nicer place to be. Telling people they only have worth if they are a CEO of a Start up or work in a new techie company or travel the world is Bullshit. The head waiter at our local “hip” restaurant is an awesome 27 year old, his calmness in the face of a full restaurant with demanding diners and a fleet of young staff to manage is a site to behold. I just hope that restaurant is paying him the wage he so clearly deserves and if he was my son, I would be damn proud and yes, his IS a success.

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