Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

What a fabulous article Emma, thank you so much for writing it. You express many of the thoughts I’ve had lately. Like you, I was brought up to always be finanialy independant and “Never rely on a man” were my mothers words to me. I’m now 44yrs old, married and have two children who I home educated, (Unschool), so I’m essentially a stay at home mum. and I worked bloody hard, but it’s all unpaid work. I still stuggle with this, the mindset I was given while growing up still keeps me feeling like I’m not doing anything of real value with my life….I’m also an artist and blogger so add that into the mix of unvalued, unpaided work and I earn NOTHING! I’ve tried going out of the house to work, I’ve even tried building a “Stay at home business” (artist/blogger) but all these things demand lots of energy and time for very little return and basicly it’s soul distroying. So, even though it sometimes makes me feel very nervous, I do have to rely on my “Man” to suppport me and the children. And later on, when the children are grown up? Well, then I will have more years of developing my creativity and not getting paid for it, so I will still be relying on my husband. A few months ago I was chatting with an older woman friend, we were talking about careers and jobs, I said, “Well, I don’t work at the moment”, she took me by the hand and look straight in my eyes and said, “My dear, you DO work”. It have the work we do as Mothers valued and regonised by other people such as my friend and you in this article, Emma brightens my day. Thank you.

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