Send LuminoCoin [LUM] using MyEtherWallet

Step 1: Go to

Go to the MyEtherWallet website at Make sure that you access the website via an HTTPS address. If you’re using Chrome, you should see a green lock notification in the address bar:

Step 2: Go to the “Send Ether & Tokens” Tab

Choose how you would like to access your wallet. For instance, if you choose to access using your keystore file, select the wallet file as indicated below.

Insert your password and click “Unlock” to proceed.

Step​ ​3:​ ​Send ETH to the Token Sale Address

You will then be asked to fill the “Send Transaction” form.

In the “To Address” field, paste the sale address copied in the last step.

In the “Amount to Send” field, fill in the amount of ETH you wish to use to buy LUM tokens

In the “Gas Limit” field, change the minimum amount to 200,000 gas. This will ensure that your transaction is processed.

Click on “Generate Transaction.”

A popup will appear. Click “Send Transaction.” MyEtherWallet will ask you to confirm the transaction. If the data is correct and you wish to proceed, click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.” DO NOT click on this button more than once.

Congratulations! You have now purchased the amount of LUM that corresponds to the amount of ETH you sent.

After sending the request, you should get a link to your transaction (powered by the webservice):

Step​ ​4(optional): Confirm Your ETH Were Sent

Open your transaction in, by clicking on the “Verify Transaction.”You should first see the transaction as pending:

After a couple of moments (depending on the performance of the Ethereum network), you’ll see the transaction as submitted:

And a couple of moments later you will see a confirmation:

I understood. Proceed to