The rise and fall (OK — mostly fall) of Yahoo
Quincy Larson

Long ago, I preferred Yahoo to Google. It was better at finding some of the things women are interested in. What remains of Yahoo’s search engine probably isn’t spying on you like Google is.

The fortunes made and lost in technology seem to have a huge element of luck in them. Much of it is pure speculation, a ponzi scheme. It looks increasingly like the government is helping to operate and fund companies in exchange for making them spy on us, and control us. Witness the censorship on Google, Facebook, and Twitter about the election.

Are some companies propped up partially because they cooperate with the government? Try search engines that don’t spy on you. They can be really slow.

I’m sure Yahoo made plenty of mistakes. They needed to make their services work better. But look at Twitter. It needs work but it is still very popular. Facebook has plenty of faults. It’s easy to look back in retrospect and see the perfect time to buy and sell stuff. It’s not like any of the prices were based on anything.

I wish some one would pay me four billion dollars for my mistakes.

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