Three myths about equal pay — and how we can close the pay gap once and for all.
Hillary Clinton

So close, and a good start, but doesn’t go far enough. Encouraging women to enter high-paying fields is a temporary stopgap at best, because as the percentage of women in a field goes up, the pay and respect accorded that field goes down. Look at how many already scoff at biology not being a “real” or demanding scientific field and then take note of how female scientists comprise one-third of people employed in non-academic scientific fields (excluding engineering) yet over half of all biological scientists. When you get done with that, remember how outright disrespected psychology and sociology are, how the social sciences are the lowest paid sciences, and note that women are the majority of social scientists and dominate psychology by more than 2:1.

On top of Clinton’s recommendations, we need to simply respect women more. We need to respect what women do more and stop devaluing their work. We need to stop penalizing women for being women. We need to mentor and promote women more. We need to develop a work culture that is designed to be friendly to everyone, not just to men with families. We need to stop accepting excuses for not doing any of the above.

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