Lumos Technology Series: Ambient Sensing

The only way to make something better is by measuring what the current conditions are in the first place. We deeply follow this in our company and in our products. Ambient Sensing is one of our favorite features that we have built. It allows us to measure the exact conditions around you and then based on that make it more comfortable. Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, we have been able to insert multiple sensors in each of the switches and still keep the costs low. Some of the sensors that we have currently inside each switch are:

  • Presence Sensors: The presence sensors allow us to accurately figure out if a person is present in a room or not and whether they are sitting idle or moving around a lot.
  • Temperature Sensor: Our temperature sensors have an accuracy level of more than 0.5 degrees, allowing to us to keep fan’s and A.C’s super optimized.
  • Humidity Sensor: Humidity sensor that has an accuracy of more than 3%.
  • Energy Sensor: Our energy sensors actively monitor the power consumption of every appliance.
  • Luminosity Sensor: It can accurately measure lighting conditions at an extremely granular level.

The ambient sensing for us goes beyond just taking data from these sensors but also weather reports to achieve the best harmony between the outside and inside weather.

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