Part 1 of our new series: The 5 Functions of a Team

Yesterday I finished reading (well, listening to, but same thing, right?) Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable. If you are currently or ever plan to be a leader I highly recommend it. It’s a short fable of a defunct executive team that, with the help of their new conscious leader Katherine, turned a failing company around. Credit to Jim Franklin for turning me on to the book. Thanks! In homage to Mr. Lencioni and his book I’ve created this series detailing our experience with the 5 dysfunctions and becoming each other’s ‘first’ team.

If there’s…

You can tell a lot about a person’s priorities by looking at what they do with their money. Say you gave two people $100 each and then watched to see what they did with that money. You watch one guy go buy some new jeans and a few boxes of ammo for his Glock. The other guy puts $50 in the bank, and takes the other $50 to the book store to get some books on programming. Which one is more interested in bettering himself and his future? …

It’s a fitting greeting for the first post on a programmer’s blog. For those of you !programmers (non-programmers), I highly recommend writing your own “Hello World” program.

Beyond being true to my coder’s spirit, more now than ever can a person really say “hello” to the whole world. That is an amazing concept. It is also a concept that I think humanity is far from fully realizing and certainly much farther from understanding.

It is a small world after all

Not long ago, the world was a lot bigger. Traveling from one state to another just 200 years ago used to take days, even weeks.

Luna Comerford

Programming is my life. Lets use the internet to change the world!

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