Luna Malbroux
Dec 31, 2015 · 2 min read

Saint Francis Challenge: Do Your Part to Help SF Live Up to It’s Name

Despite some tough losses, this year was the most ‘successful’ I’ve ever had. I got to do what I love, surrounded by people that I love. But daily, on my way to live out my dreams of performing around the city or working from my downtown corner office, I literally have to step through, over, or around people experiencing extreme poverty and hardship. What I witness daily is the evidence of a lack of quality health services (mental and physical), discriminatory housing practices that go back decades, criminalization of the poor, and the results of hard drugs when they are the only coping mechanism available.

San Francisco is the most expensive city in the nation. We pride ourselves in being so liberal and progressive, but I’ve rarely witnessed such extreme levels of disparity and inequality (and ya girl’s been ‪#‎Inthesestreets‬- globally). It’s so sad that most of the black faces I see in the city on a daily basis are homeless on the streets. I can’t espouse that ‪#‎blacklivesmatter ‬and act like that’s not a problem. If I stay in the Bay Area, and I plan to, it’s not enough for me to chase my vision of success while ignoring the plight of others and pretending that me and my ‘hispter lovin’ ways are not part of the problem. Luckily, I stumbled upon a group: Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge. The goal is to do what Bay Area folks love doin best- ‘innovate’ to find new ways to support our homeless neighbors here in the Bay. We’re coming together this Saturday, Jan 2nd! We still need volunteers, there will be free food- and I’m bringing gumbo.

I swear I believe brevity is the spice of life, but my gumbo deserves another paragraph. I make the best gumbo this side of the Mississippi. Forget what you had at Brenda’s or any other ‘soul food’ restaurant. My gumbo’s better. I make it with love and care and ‘I Put My Foot in It!’* I’m making it for 50 but could use some help to get it to 75. It takes a good day to make it just right so I’m starting it New Years day. Open invite for all of you Bay Area boos to stumble over to my house, hungover as you wanna be at some point New Years Day, taste-test a bowl, take notes, give me a hi-five, or throw in your favorite meat. Inbox me for details and an address. If you request that I make it vegan, you can politely take a seat. Hope to see you hungry Friday or Saturday. But more than that, hope you all have a blessed and happy 2016 filled with caring thoughtful actions that match the passion of your activist FB statuses.

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