On your concern for your fat friend’s health.
Your Fat Friend

I totally get this.

And the people saying- “well if they’re concerned they have a right to be!”

Yeah, fine, but not everything needs to be said. Do you not realize that fat people KNOW they’re fat? Completely and totally aware of it. And fat people know there are health risks related to obesity? Duh, yeah, we know.

What do you think your words- the unsolicited ones, are going to do? Do you think you’re going to change our lives and inspire us?

Because we don’t want to change? Or do you think we’re just too lazy? That must be it, right. That’s why fat people deserve to be shamed, condescended to, reviled. Because fat = moral failure, right?

Well fuck you.

No one needs to justify themselves or how they look to you. We are allowed to feel like shit when someone harasses us. We are allowed to feel frustrated. We are allowed to feel angry.

Of course, I don’t want to be fat. Of course, I know what to do. But keep your “concern”. Things may not be happening fast enough for you in my endeavor to become “acceptable” but that does not mean I need you to suggest the latest Dr. Oz bullshit.

Because we “brought this (fatness) on ourselves” we’re just supposed to accept being treated as less than human?

Fuck you.

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