What does the interviewer really want to know from you in an hour or so interview? Here’s my guess…

What does the interviewer want from you? ( Except for code interview, I mean, come on… we are so much better than that… can’t we think of some other ways to test people’s ability other than test if they remembered all the cracking the coding interview questions?)

All things aside, this is my guess… And all the interviewer out there, correct me if I’m wrong…
1. If you qualify for this work? 
 1.1 Does your experience fit their need? (Can’t really do anything about it :/, at least in a short time period…)
 1.2 Do you really know what you’re talking about. (Just tell the truth, don’t exaggerate your contribution or act like you know more than you do… But explain things in details, so that they know you’re not kidding around. Unless you really don’t know anything… then probably you should think about canceling the interview anyway…)
2. If you fit the environment?
 2.1 Speak English? (CHECK)
 2.2 Know about some Star Trek jokes ? ( meh… can’t do anything about it now… or maybe never…)
 2.3 Working hard? ( ummmm… I don’t really think they can know anything about it just from the interview…. or could they?!)
 2.4 Off-time hobby? ( I don’t think they’re interested in making friends with you (just yet))
 2.5 All other people are from famous school (and really really smart), are you one of them? (meh…. can’t do anything about it now… I mean I will work harder… any proof? meh… maybe some publications? but who are you kidding… they work so much harder than anyone… cause they care about their work way too much than you… you value your free time… I mean, jerk off time :D )

Anyway, I’m having an interview in about half an hour… I am pretty nervous… but… I don’t think I can do anything about it right now…

Hope you find your dream job ( and STOP THE CODING INTERVIEW!!!)

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