Honestly, it sounds like Keala just needs to mature and understand a tank top is inappropriate…
Johnny D.

It doesn’t sound like that to me at all. Firstly, I think you’ve focused on the tank top because it’s easy pickings for trolling. Second, it’s clear there was a lot more going on here in terms of conflict than the author’s clothes and her manager’s remarks about them. Third, that just doesn’t ring true to me at all. I’ve been a lawyer for 12 or 13 years and had a previous career in film & video post-production before that, and I’ve never worked anywhere where a tank top was considered outlandish. It’s pretty standard in my city (NYC) for women to wear sleeveless tops or dresses in the summer and put on a jacket or sweater only if they’re cold. A strapless dress or something evening-ish would be eyebrow-raising, but not simply a top without sleeves.

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