We did some homework — speaking to New Yorkers, branding people, and even running some survey work asking about the name and any potential offense it might cause.
So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

So, you had no sense of your own, as human beings living amongst other human beings, that aspects of your project are repugnant? Why not? Who excused you from paying attention? Who excused you from developing and relying on self-awareness? Who excused you from learning how to consider the culture and ideas of people who aren’t just like you? The idea that being as culturally insulated as you’re making yourselves out to be is a matter of happenstance is ridiculous. Take a look at the factors that aligned to make that happen and, if you’re serious, change them. Go out in the world yourselves and look at it instead of relying on consultants you’ve hired because they look and talk just like you, for starters.
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