The despicable Me

My life is a freaking tragedy.I been living in this world for 26 years and my achievement is zero.The only thing I had ever been good at was making my parents disappointed.I am the kind of guy who can be used as a reason to use condoms.

Why am I so pathetic? why am I so unreliable?I dont have answers to these questions.God says that all his creations had a purpose then I guess I was born out of an accident.

Total waste of time,good in nothing,bad at everything!god gifted me with a fair skin but along with that he gave me a tongue which is seldom used and when it is no body pays any ironic right!

One thing that you could always associate with me is my introvert nature.I was born an introvert there are times when I tried my best to break the shackles,the limitations that had been inflicted upon me by birth are here to stay.the only thing I had even been good at or atleast made me feel good is teaching.The love and attention I receive from my students on a daily basis fills my heart with the kind of tenderness that helped me to keep going.

As u might have already imagined I am a very lonely person with a very few friends.I know the real me sucks so I have this tendency of making up stuff:some crazy silly stories to gain people sympathy and it had backfired more often than not and I would end up being the biggest looser of all time.

There are times I wish I was my like my brother.Smart like him,extrovert like him.I just suck at being me.I dont even know how I made it up to 26 years and to be very honest I dont see myself going ahead with this pathetic life.I can see my self drawing the curtains pretty soon.

Hoping for a better day,Hoping for a beautiful sunshine I kept looking ahead monday to sunday but all I was gifted with was Disappointment and headaches.

Reading this craziness u might think am some kind of a pessimistic creep right?well the truth is I am not.I am just a guy who gives up very quickly this is my last attempt and clearly I know that I aint gonna pass and am gonna bring disappointment to my dad.I honestly dont know what he did to deserve this he really is a great guy I really wish he had an other son!