OSCE + Ukraine: corrupted misalliance

Along with my nephew his school is attended by a boy from a poor refugee family. This young fellow never attended any tests. Indeed he always got an excuse and it usually referred to his health — e.g. stomach ache, fever, mother fell ill, etc. He can very naturally imitate a faint and once he even pretended a heart attack, quite skillfully I’d say. He acts expressly, affectedly and always makes perfect show of it. Everyone knows it, but… according to some rules, adults must not ignore a child’s request for help.

Ukraine in its relations with Europe and special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine resembles exactly such a deceitful child. From the very first day of taking the course ‘towards the EU’, the Ukrainian government — the one that is gone and the one that is working now — is almost openly trying to make Europeans take a favorable position suitable for official Kiev.

Ukrainians know it for sure that Europe is very responsive to the requests of its young brothers and especially when it comes to dictatorships and democratic freedoms: it is impossible to disregard the request of a child in need. That’s why Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin ‘pretends a heart attack’ every time the SMM does not confirm in its daily reports the fantastic actions of separatists, loss rates, number of forces and military equipment taking part in military actions in Donbas, being already declared to the whole world officially by Kiev’s media.

Independent observers and the SMM members immediately face loud insults and non-founded accusations of espionage in favor of the pro-Russian militants. But less than a month later, the very same Mr. Klimkin, feeling evidently that he’s crossed the lines, already claims they are separatists who are responsible for not letting the OSCE observers on the ‘occupied territories’.

Poor European observers! Reaching an agreement with Kiev on the presence of the mission in Donbas they for sure expected cooperation with civilized people, bravely fighting for the victory of democracy in their country. Now the OSCE Chairman receives letters from his puzzled subordinates like this,

The letter was taken from http://www.armchairgeneral.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3101850#post3101850

Even the Ambassador of Lithuania, a man who was born in the same country with the majority of his current Ukrainian opponents, appeared being not ready to meet such a straightforward impudence.

Just think of it. The SMM has been working in Ukraine for already a year and a half but it was only in the beginning of August that the president of Ukraine ordered to develop a mechanism of cooperation with the observers.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians have already managed to impose its’ specialists in public relations’ to the SMM and their signatures can now be seen under each daily press release made on behalf of the OSCE on the situation in Ukraine. And it is still not clear for me how Irina Gudima manages to put her signature under the reports from ‘hot spots’ in Donbas sitting at her table in Turhenevska Street in Kiev. Also, the question arises itself if Michael Bociurkiw’s (a son of the infamous Ukrainian nationalist during the WW2) opinion can at least be considered to be anyhow objective in the field. By the way, I wonder how it happened that a citizen of Canada appeared to be a key member in European organization.

That is exactly the moment where you cannot but start to believe bloggers who accuse the OSCE of biased reports from Ukraine. But when it comes to using the SMM’s insider information as intelligence data by Ukrainian military forces, that turns into a mere outrage!