Refugees once again: European hysteria or a proper reaction

This week started with a funny incident. Swedish watchful citizens mistook thirty or so bearded hipsters for ISIS terror group and called the police.

First I laughed at this news. But then it made me wonder how planet-struck we have become. This Swedish incident is just a drop in the bucket of European fears concerned refugees and migrants influx, both reasonable and baseless.

There is the greatest European migrant crisis since 1992. It is generally recognized. Mass media has been reporting about most grievous and outrageous events concerning migrants. European authorities don’t deny it. Wiki issued a large article about it, which gets updated almost every day. The Channel Tunnel has been beleaguered by migrants from Africa and Middle East since August.

Also I keep seeing in the news quite a number of evidence about those notorious ISIS terrorists mixed with the crowd of immigrants heading to Europe and UK. Thus recently Nick Fagge, a correspondent for the Daily Mail demonstrated the easiness of obtaining forged Syrian documents.

At once CNN issues a report about a trial of three terrorist suspects in London and cites a violent fatwa by ISIS aimed at Muslims. This the very decree inspired the accused Haseeb Hamayoon and his cousins to plan a terrorist attack in London in November of last year. Everything they needed they bought online unchecked and anonymously.

Because of hysteria stirred up by mainly American and British editions in the Net we stopped surprising such events as Eiffel Tower closure because of “a man with a rucksack”, who changed mysteriously into “three suspected terrorists” carrying “large rucksacks”, who turned out to be mere extreme parachutists.

In such situation which way a common European should turn? I feel myself in the epicenter of some military operation while reading my daily dose of Internet news. After that it seems that ISIS has been waiting in ambush at every bend. Meanwhile expressions of indignation are forbidden. For instance, the same CNN deletes materials with reasoned statements that European refugee crisis leads to raise of nationalist movement. They accused me of their site policy violation and zero tolerance when I posted one.

Nevertheless the policy of paid main-stream editions is quite understandable. However there are questions to European authorities. What was German Chancellor thinking about while technically inviting to the country 500,000 migrants each year and cancelling Dublin procedures for Syrians?

Mrs. Merkel must have invented some brilliant way of supplying this half a million asylum seekers with decent life conditions with no fatal harm for the domestic economy or for German citizens health. In addition she should devise method of identification ISIS fighters with forged Syrian documents as well. Under these conditions everyone’s welcome. She also could share such invaluable experience with other European countries and the public. This way she would return stability to Germany. I’m sure that the majority of anti-migrant protesters in the streets would calm at once.

I suspect that “Mutti multikulti” has become hung up on saving face of the “German leadership for EU”. She doesn’t want to notice either social crisis in the country, or outbreaks of long forgotten diseases brought with migrants, or mass mortality among refugees inventing more and more dangerous ways of getting to promised German Eden.

Merkel had to think about consequences before the parade of words about “European values” based on the dignity of every individual etc. Now some lose their dignity (sometimes together with their life), licking feet of people smugglers and trying hard to get to Germany at the quite formal invitation. Others abase themselves attacking refugee shelters all over Germany. Also often rights of common Germans are violated to the migrants benefit.

Thus because of shortage of helpers in Lübeck asylum center school students change bed linen, help in the kitchen and do other chores on the plea of “practical work experience”. Of course according Carlyle work is alone noble. What’s wrong with giving refugees a chance to get ennobled? And as furious parents noticed changing bed linen really looks like servitude.

Meanwhile nationalist movement in German is on the upgrade again. This fact cannot be cancelled even by CNN site policy. BTW nationalists have reserved places both for Merkel and her vice-chancellor.

The number of protesters attending Pegida anti-refugee rally in Dresden has risen beyond 9,000. I doubt that all of them are such engaged ultra-right ones. Most likely the majority of rioters are ordinary people driven to despair by German Government shortsighted decisions.

This fact signifies that it’s enough to give up making unfounded accusations in non-tolerance. It’s time to stop consider the nationals as state enemies like U.S.A. does. We also have a right for humane treatment. Not only Germany but entire Europe is waiting for reasonable solutions for the common migrant crisis.

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