Lunch Money Offers Gig Economy for Restaurants

Lunch Money
2 min readApr 27, 2021

Wouldn’t you like to earn money after you dine in or order food from a restaurant or eatery?

You can earn Lunch Money when you share your experience on
Lunch Money is a Cryptocurrency that has a supply of 189 Million tokens, and the price per LMY is currently $0.008 according to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.
The restaurant reviews platform describes itself as a universal loyalty rewards service, that incentivizes real feedback from restaurant customers worldwide with instant payments.

Soon to be launched, Lunch Money V2 will allow users to experience in-app swapping with off-platform wallet options, using Metamask and other Erc20 compatible wallets. Amongst other features, the platform adds "Xtra Lunch Money" staking for earned LMY held in it’s on-platform wallets.

The decentralized reviews platform aims to help both the customer and restaurant to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. For the restaurant, phony and low quality reviews are eliminated, while the quality of service is improved using real customer insights. For the customers, they can earn passive income by simply submitting feedback on their orders and holding their earnings in their Lunch Money wallets.

When a patron submits feedback for a restaurant on the LMY website, the restaurant is automatically added to LMY’s feedback database upon approval from admin, without the restaurant being listed. When a restaurant does register, their actionable insights are accessible and LMY can be accepted as payment without the need for a POS System.

Recently, Lunch Money has formed a Strategic Partnership with LXR Biotech, a Michigan based Consumer Goods company that provides functional liquid energy, vitamin supplements, shots, water enhancers and cosmeceuticals.

LXR Biotech recently pivoted to add Covid fighting products to their offerings available online and at major retail outlets in the US. LXR is set to offer Lunch Money branded products for restaurants and customers including sanitizers, hand wipes and nasal sprays in their LMYStore. Once live, LXR Biotech will accept LMY and other currencies for their products.

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Lunch Money

Incentivizing real feedback from restaurant and eatery patrons worldwide