Update to Crowdsale Numbers

We would like to announce that we are updating the crowdsale numbers to reflect the recent increase in the price of ETH. We have seen many exciting events since the publication of the Lunyr White Paper. The old numbers are now out-of-date. Please check below for our updated crowdsale details. We have updated the White Paper to reflect these changes.

Crowdsale Summary

Start block: TBA

End block: TBA

Crowdsale period: March 29 — April 26 (4 weeks)

LUN purchased per Ether: 44 LUN per Ether

Minimum Ether: 25,000 ETH

Minimum number of Crowdsale LUN: 1,100,000 LUN

Maximum Ether (cap): 250,000 ETH

Maximum number of Crowdsale LUN: 11,000,000 LUN

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