Any woman that perfume is a fornicator

This is a multi-disciplinary space of art, culture, literature, humor and intervention. Rarely we look back on political or religious nature themes, but, just to be a space of intervention, could not pass on clear statements of a magnet of Ceuta on women, perfumes and fornication after Snowmen celebrated against Islam and the so divulged, thousand lashes to blogger Raif Badawai. Philosophers claim that philosophy emerged from amazement … It all started when someone wondered at an event and formulated a question, with the consequence philosophy. Because I can not amaze me with this faux pas you or ask questions of theoretical and applied dialectic, but I can question me about the need for these individuals constantly promote the achincalhamento, incitement to hatred and the threat at a time when it is intended avoid divisions and future retalição acts or revenge. I believe that this imam and others of the same species may be repelled by the thinning of goatees parched hair and other appendages, perhaps, the essence of chit is as natural perfume and widely used between the hosts and this is enough to achieve the ecstasy and nirvana without fornication to the landing where, one day, the most exalted high fragores bombs and grenades, able to view an erotic heel patch of one of the famous 76 or 78 virgins (I’ve never been good at math). Now, they could spare us the sizes and take care to avoid faux pas worthy punishment practices of the Middle Ages where, apparently, has not left. Whip thousand times, in easy installments of 50 lashes in a public square, a blogger who argued for the freedom of expression as is the recent case of Saudi Arabia, is synonymous with the deepest and abject barbarism that dilute, only, in memory of those who exchange the sabedria, knowledge and high for an oil well. Unfortunately, we do not see anyone, Muslim communities fight from within, such practices, regardless of cultural issue, there are things that even the most sublime scent able to disguise. How would the director of Charlie Hebdo, it is better to die standing to live on your knees all my life and, quite frankly, after the threat and horror, left us in frontal, what we lack in patience for these people .. .

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