Reaching Olympia Chapter One V1

Eugene Reynolds, Queen of the 5th Kingdom, stood up out of her seat. She studied the young girl carefully; her hair was long and black though it spiked at the top, her face bore a strong resemblance to her mother’s, Elizabeth Hogam.

“What is she doing here Mrs Hogam?” Eugene asked, clearly irritated. “I’m sure I sent for Mrs Elizabeth Hogam and Sir Matt Gutley. Not Mrs Elizabeth Hogam plus one.”

“I’m sorry Eugene-” Mrs Hogam started.

“Your Majesty if you will”

“-but I’m getting old you see, I’ll be needing someone to take over my… services to you.” she finished, ignoring Eugene.

The three women, joined later on by Matt Gutley, talked of the problems at hand. While Matt and Eugene were married (before their divorce) Anya was born. She is the sole heir to the throne. However Anya does not know of her parents, therefore unknowing that she is the heir.

At Eugene’s coronation, she was given eternal life but she can only be killed by her eldest son or daughter.

Eugene and Elizabeth think of a plan,

“We’ll have to lure her here.”


“Something simple and believable”

“How about Zack”

“What’d you mean?”

“Kill him”


“A love letter?”

“Hows that going to help”

“How about an ex. Pretend to be them, saying that he wants her back”

“Excuse me beautiful ladies but I have to go.” Matt butts in, winking at 30 year old Charlotte.

Eugene sighs and rubs her temples. “If you must but take the girl.”

Charlotte grins and follows him. As the step out the door, they link hands.

“Oh, you write the letter Elizabeth dear, I’m exhausted!”

Dear Anya,

Here are 50 things I wish I could say to you in person.

  1. I love you
  2. You’re killing me
  3. I’m dead.
  4. I miss you
  5. You broke my heart once
  6. And I’m sure you’ll do it again
  7. And again
  8. And again
  9. You’re always on my mind
  10. Day
  11. And
  12. Night
  13. My heart belongs to you
  14. Or does it
  15. I don’t know
  16. Is he worth it?
  17. Leaving me I mean
  18. Did you ever like me
  19. Or was I blinded by love
  20. I don’t think I’ll ever move on
  21. I don’t think I can
  22. I want to
  23. There are other people,
  24. Other girls that I like
  25. But I keep going back to you
  26. We never even kissed
  27. I chose you
  28. You chose him
  29. We ain’t even getting older
  30. Kiss me quick
  31. Your
  32. Slowly
  33. Fading
  34. Away
  35. You
  36. Never
  37. Reply
  38. You’re
  39. Killing
  40. Me
  41. Slowly
  42. Oh
  43. So
  44. Slowly
  45. Did you know that?
  46. Of course you knew that
  47. You were always smarter than me
  48. Always were
  49. Always will be.
  50. Will you be my girlfriend (again?)

If yes, meet me at my father’s estate as soon as possible.

Love always, Ted.

Mrs Hogam read over the list. “That’ll do” she sighed, sealing it inside an envelope.

“Are you sure this’ll work?” Eugene asked, “Are you sure she’ll fall for it?”

“OF COURSE IT’LL WORK!” She snapped, “You can’t be doubting me, it’s too late now anyway.”

Eugene was taken aback, for Mrs Hogam was a mere citizen and she the Queen.

Before she could reply, Mrs Hogam gushed, “Oh I, I didn’t mean to shout, it’s just… difficult. Anya’s going to be heartbroken-”

“Since when did you care about Anya?” Eugene queried.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She quickly corrected, “but Anya is so young, she’ll be traumatised if she falls for it”

Eugene stood up from behind her desk. Mrs Hogam had been a loyal follower of hers for years, what had made her act like this now was unsettling. She can’t be trusted… No, she certainly can’t be trusted, she must be a traitor. She thought to herself.

As unnoticeably as she could, the Queen pressed the small red button under her desk, calling for the guards.

“Give me the letter” she whispered, they both knew why.

Mrs Hogam shook her head.

Give me the letter” She repeated.

Eugene snatched the letter from Mrs Hogam as she let out a cry. Carelessly, she tore open the letter. Just as she had suspected, written under the list, in small, neat handwriting, was a single warning,:


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