Why You Need a Better Social Media Header and How To Do It
Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper

I think we need less – sorry, starting again – … I Think We Need Less Articles That Tell Us That You Need This Or That.

That’s because it suggest that it the You in the header applies to Everyone Who Reads This, ie. me. This causes feelings of irritation if the reader in question does not happen to be one of the persons that the statement in the header truly applies to – and I bet that this will be true for the absolute majority of all readers.

The point is that it might work to address a person on a very specific feature or interest if that person indeed happens to have that feature or interest (“Hey, you know what? I was just thinking about acquiring a bigger Social Media Perplexer!”)

But if they don’t, as in most cases, they will rather think something like “Whaddya mean Social Media Perfixer? Get thee gone!” – and rightfully so, because the act of approaching a person as if it is someone else has a very alienating and discomforting effect. Just imagine your name is Zelda, you’re an enthusiastic violin player and you’re walking down the street one day. Then some dude approaches you, beaming cheaply like a second-hand-car salesman, slaps you on the shoulders and says “Hey! Patricia, my little princess! I can tell by the way you frown Why You Need A New Ten-Tone Claxon For Your Olde Oldsmobile!”

And after you’ve hit him with your violin case and continued down the street, a lady with a very odd expression on her face stops you: “Hey hun, my friend I call you, dear Felicity Caprice, Why You Need This Set Of Amazing Eyelash Extenders! Buy Ten For The Price Of Only Nine! It’s …. because You want it baby, yeah, Ooooh Mama!”

Now ask yourself if you would appreciate that … :)

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